Michael Chanyoung Lee

Front-End Developer

Why Front-End?

Whether it’s someone dealing with a delivery company that keeps delaying their order, someone who gets charged an extra $200 because they clicked the wrong button, or simply someone who can’t figure out how to use an app, I’ve witnessed countless cases of the frustration brought about by poor user experiences. On the other hand, when all the ducks line up in a row, the joy and satisfaction that comes with a great user experience is something I can’t get enough of, from the subtle smiles to the life-changing moments.

So when my interests in problem solving, building, and STEM led me to pursue becoming a software engineer, I figured out pretty quickly that I wanted my focus to be where I could have the greatest effect on the user experience: the front-end. Though I’ve gotten the opportunity to hone my skills across the stack, the front-end is where I find the most fulfillment and feel I’m able to make the most impact. From talking with customers to working side-by-side with product designers, speaking into the experience and making it come to life is where I find my calling.